Meditations in small steps 

בתים למדיטציה 29-3-19  

Experiments with various meditations. These where performed with positive results.

  • Conversation practice: While engaged in a conversation, notice the moment where  the need to reply appears.  How does this inner noting of the need to reply effect the conversation?
  • Reporter meditation: While experiencing a good or bad experience, observe when does the need to tell about it to someone else appear? How does this noting of the need influence the quality of the experience?
  • Eating mediation: While eating, notice when does the desire to put another mouthful appears? How does noting this desire effects the quality of eating?
  • Argumentum ad absurdum meditation: When noticing an unfavorable thought (e.g. blaming, disapproving, etc.) amplify the thought as much as possible to make it ridiculously huge… (This man, He is horrible, terrible, atrocious, Rrrrrrr). Watch the effect of this controlled exaggeration of a thought or emotion on the trailing thoughts and emotions that arise subsequently .
  • Not-Mindful mediation: Try for a few minutes to be as unmindful as you can, to body sensations or thoughts. What is the effect of trying hard not to be mindful?
  • The twisted mediation posture practice: while sitting in mediation, move your lower body to one side and the upper body and head to another side. Close the eyes and  observe the need to correct this posture. Stay with this feelings for a while without moving. Did it change?
  • Mindfulness of the senses now: Try and sense taste, smell, general body sensations, sight and sound Now.
  • Memoir: Imagine you sitting and mediating and all your memories, all your past is gone! you have no memory of anything left. who is sitting here then?
  • The 5 Wh’s Meditation:
    • Why am I practicing?  life fragility and preciousness, the ability to train the mind and change the perspective of reality.
    • Where am I? Mindfulness of the 5 senses in this moment.
    • What about you? Training and recalling unfortunate others and developing the heart of compassion to help and make their suffering disappear.
    • Who is left? Imagine taking off parts of body and cognitive mind, Imagine taking off gradually all adjectives (profession familial status etc. ) finally take off all memories- a person w/o any memories: who sits here?
    • When I die: contemplate : where and how would you like to have a rebirth? imagine moments of death and aiming towards that specific rebirth.

END NOTE: It is advisable to treat these experiments as challenges: Can I pay attention to… Could I notice my response when…etc.

Devise your own experiment: If you repeat it at least 3 times and find it useful, you are welcome to post your experiment and results in this blog : The Experimental Mind.

Cheers for a good and meaningful life.

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